The Adventure So Near

What hasn't happened so far in the story

Let’s test this out, shall we?

Well, it seems that everything has been going well so far. Grangthor has decided to open up the locked chest by bashing it open, revealing the gold coins inside. Lyiara on the other hand has gone exploring, trying to determine whether there are any traps nearby. The other three are just standing around (OOC: Jim hasn’t posted in awhile seeing as he’s been a bit ill lately).

There are some tasks to do:

  • Share the loot among the party members
  • Set up camp
  • Find some food for a good breakfast, supplies have run very low recently.

Quote of the day (by Grangthor):

If this stone doesn’t answer me NOW, I’m going to bash it’s head open!

(To be fair, he did think it was a mimic)



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